Dear All,

back from Africa, we would like to sincerely thank all who contributed to the great experience of our safari in northern Tanzania. From planning to implementation, the safari was a unique experience and thus a complete success. We would like to say thank you to the people who supported us so much. Starting with Heike Plümacher and Karin Schütte from Extra Tours Africa, who with their planning met exactly what we imagined and then exceeded all expectations.

At the lodges and their organization, whether Marlies Gabriel with her team on Hatari and Shu’mata or Gibbs Farm and the other lodges, they gave as always attention. The guides we’ve been to the tours with ( Edward, Emil, Mokilli, Happy and Harry), routes and transportation, was top notch.

Our special thanks go to Takims Holidays from Arusha, who took care of us perfectly and reliably in the second part of our safari from Shu’mata via the Ngorngoro highlands and the southern Serengeti and back to Arusha.

We would like to thank you very much again for our guide Harry. Not only that he has guided us prudently and competently through the wonderful nature. We have always felt safe and comfortable with him, even when we looked the lion in the eye. And with all the praise about the journey, Harry is certainly the person we least want to miss on our next Tanzania safari.

Kwaheri Tanzania

with best regards

Paul K.



Für diese guten Vorschläge bin ich Ihnen immer wieder dankbar

Harald W.



Es ist immer gut zu wissen, dass man bei Ihnen in guten Händen ist

Michael W.


Heike berät mich kompetent und freundlich bei allen Reisen. Ich buche immer wieder gerne bei Ihr

Claudia Z.


super nette Inhaberin, kümmert sich toll, hat sehr sehr gute Ideen. Sind Stammkunden und immer sehr zufrieden

Anette S.